To become a Bachelor of Actuarial Science Study Program capable of playing a role at national and global levels in the fields of education, research, and its application.


1. Educate students to be able to solve actuarial science problems.
2. Apply actuarial science to the insurance and finance industry.
3. Provide consultation related to the field of actuarial science to the public.
4. Be able to compete at national and global levels.

  1. Able to solve theoretical and applied problems in actuarial science.
  2. Able to learn independently and adapt to the development of actuarial science concepts both in life insurance, general insurance, and risk management.
  3. Have critical and logical analytical power in the application of actuarial science and have good ethics in the profession.
  4. Able to communicate, and be responsible for the field of knowledge mastered in the profession.
Graduate profile

Bachelor of Actuarial Science who is able to design solutions to actuarial problems and risk management in the insurance industry, pension funds, social security, investment, banking, and other related industries by using actuarial science in accordance with academic ethics.

Curriculum of Actuarial Science Undergraduate Program

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